PO Invoice Payment

Disbursements processes payment for goods and services purchased on a Purchase Order (PO), (See APPM Section 2, Procurement Process).

  • A completed requisition is processed timely in WayneBuy for Purchasing.
  • A completed PO is approved by Purchasing and forwarded to the vendor.
  • Vendor ships product or service is performed.
  • Upon receipt in Central Receiving or in department, a receiver is entered into WayneBuy for merchandise received/service provided.
  • The vendor invoice is entered into WayneBuy completing the "3-way match".

The invoice must match the PO, and must include the following information:

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice Date
  • Purchase Order
  • Quantity (if goods)
  • Description of goods or services
  • Price (unit price and extended price, if applicable)
  • Freight charges (if applicable)
  • Vendor name and remit to address
  • Payment terms (i.e., due date, applicable discounts)
  • Upon system approval, a check is issued and mailed to vendor.

Purchase Order Invoicing Do's

  • Forward all invoices pertaining to a Purchase Order to Disbursements
  • Advise vendors to mail their invoices to Accounts Payable PO Box 9056 Detroit MI 48202
  • Complete a receiver in WayneBuy for item(s)/service received.
  • Process a exception authorization in WayneBuy when notified of excess cost or quantity.
  • Provide the correct PO to a vendor when placing an order directly if acknowledge.

PO Invoicing Issues that Delay Payments

  • Incorrect or expired PO# given to vendor when an order is placed.
  • No PO# provided to vendor when an order is placed.
  • Receiver is not entered by Central Receiving or Department.
  • COR is not processed to reflect changes to the PO (added items, increased cost).
  • Placing an order without a predetermined payment method (i.e. Approved PO or P-Card).



It is the responsibility of the Purchase Order owner to maintain sufficient Purchase Order Encumbrance balances to cover outstanding expenditures against open Purchase Orders.  Orders should not be placed against Purchase Orders without sufficient balances. A Change Order Request should be submitted and approved by Purchasing and only upon confirmation of approval, further orders placed.

If Disbursements has received a vendor invoice(s) against a properly authorized PO with an insufficient encumbrance, a notification is sent to the requisitioning department advising the department and request approval to pay


Receipt acknowledgement is managed with the WayneBuy receiving module. "Receiving" is activated when one a  Purchase Order at or above $2000 regardless of individual invoice amount. The invoiced and received commodity item quantities must match in order to pay.

Information from a packing slip or other vendor-receiving document should be entered into the "Receiving Goods Form" (FPARCVD). The Banner Receiving function requires the commodity and quantity on the "Regular Purchase Order", "Receiving Goods Form", and "Banner Invoice" to all match in order to complete the receiving process. This is referred to as "three (3)-way matching" in Banner.

Because of the 3-way matching process, payment of invoices requiring an electronic receipt may be delayed if receiving requirements are not completed.

If Disbursements has received the vendor invoices against a properly authorized PO and a receiver is not done but required based on dollar amount, a notification is sent to the requisitioning department advising the department that the invoice cannot be processed for payment until the requisitioning department processes a receiver.


Invoices with a unit price or quantity within the greater of 5% or $75 of the PO will be considered to match the PO. The account distribution for dollar amounts within these tolerances will match the PO. For instance, if the PO is distributed 75% to one account and 25% to another account, the dollar amount variance will be distributed the same way. If the tolerance is favorable both accounts will share proportionately in the lower amount and if the tolerance is unfavorable both accounts will share proportionately in the higher amount. Alternatively, if the PO has two lines (i.e. two items) with one line charged to one account and the second line charged to a different account, any dollar amount difference for each line will be contained to the account distribution for that line.

Invoices containing freight charges in excess of the freight amount provided on the Purchase Order will be reviewed on an individual basis.  If the freight is determined to be potentially excessive, the ordering department will be contacted to authorize the charges.  If the freight to found to be reasonable, the excess will be processed as part of the invoice.


Requests from vendors for pre-pay or payment at time of service, should be discouraged where possible.

Purchase Order Invoice Payment FAQs

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