DPR Non-PO Payment

The Direct Payment Request Template (DPR), located in WayneBuy, is designed for departments of the University to request payments for specific goods and services when a requisition and purchase order are not required due to the attributes of the transaction.  Payments for these non-Recurring goods and services purchases are permitted using the SPA with a limit of $200.  An SPA is not issued if a Purchase Requisition (PR) and a Purchase Order (PO) have been processed.  A vendor should not be given the DPR number as the purchase order number.

Description of the purchase item(s) or service(s) in the description block of the DPR must be clear and complete enough so that auditors may readily ascertain that payment constitutes University expense rather than personal expense.

WSU is exempt from federal excise tax and Michigan sales tax.  If the invoice includes such tax, credit should be shown by deduction.

Refer to the Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (Special Payment Authorization, section 1.3.2) for a more detailed definition of the types of payment requests requiring a DPR, listed by function, are:

General Services: Postage Replenishment – Telephone Bill – Non-consolidated Utility Bill

Payments to Individuals: Entertainment and Business Expenses – Honorarium – Prize or Award –Royalty – Salary Advance – Referees and Officials

Payments to Students: Scholarships

Business and Finance Services: Debt Service – Employee Benefits – Employee Bond Refund – Reissue Unclaimed or Cancelled Checks – Taxes Payable – Union Dues

Other: Agency Fund Withdrawal - Conference Registration Fees (with copy of the TAER Attached) - Membership Dues - Petty Cash Establishment – Refund to Trusteeship – Rent (up to 3 days but $1,000 or less) – Subscriptions –Non-recurring Goods or Services Under $200

Note: SPA – Form 102A can be used to process FEES and OTHER EXPENSES charged against revenue and liability accounts as well as consolidated utility bills.