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WSU Clincard Program

What is it?

A Clincard is a reloadable prepaid debit card that is available for use as a mechanism to pay 'human subjects' for research participation.  It is a faster, safer method to pay your study participants providing an excellent alternative to checks, gift cards, or petty cash.  The program also provides a convenient administrative online tool for loading, tracking, and reporting your studies' payments in real-time.  The cards can be used by the payee for multiple payments at different times.

How do I get started?
The following are the major steps involved in utilizing the Clincard program.  Please note that the use of Clincard for research subject fee payments MUST be approved by the IRB and requires the collection of research subject Social Security Numbers. 

  1. Assign Roles

The first step is to assign roles in the department to individuals. The roles are as follows:

  1. Site Administrator this person will create the study/studies in the Clincard system, add/modify payment schedules, assign site coordinators to studies, assign approvers to studies
  2. Site Coordinator  - this person will register/edit  subjects in the Clincard system, create a payment request, set up appointment reminders
  3. Approver Approves subject payments created by site coordinator
  4. Report Viewer can access reports

Roles 1, 2 and 3 are required and a Site Coordinator cannot have Site Administrator or Approver roles.  This means there will need to be at least 2 individuals involved in the administration from the department.  

Once it is determined who will fulfill these roles, you will need to gather the following information for each individual:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number                
  • Role to assign     
  • Which study/studies they will need access to

Email the information for the Site Administator role to for completion of that role setup.

  1. Create Study
    The Clincard office will email confirmation that the Site Maintenance access has been granted.  That individual will receive a system-generated email to complete the login process.   The person with the Site Maintenance role can then set the study up in the Clincard system (See Reference Guides for each role included on this website).  Once the study setup is completed, email and provide the rest of the individuals information for the other roles  and the remaining users will be created in the system.  They will each receive a system-generated email to complete the login process.
  2. Request Cards
    The department will need to complete the Clincard Request Form and email it to for processing.  It is important to have the study name on the form read the same as it was entered into the Clincard system.   There will be a validation performed that the study name/index on the form matches the study setup in the Clincard system and that the index is valid in Banner.  After validation, the requested cards are pulled from inventory and an email will be sent to the department personnel who completed the form to let them know the cards are available for pickup.  The department should be careful to only request cards that will be distributed in the near future as the cards are only valid for three years from the initial printing date. 

    Please note:  Effective 8/01/2017, the cost of each card (currently $3.70) requested will be billed via a Journal Voucher (JV) to the department index that has requested the cards.  This cost will be increasing to $4.95 per card on 7/1/2018.
  3. Register Subjects/Distribute Cards
    These tasks are completed within the department by the Site Coordinator.  Please note that Social Security Numbers are required in order to set up a subject. See associated Reference Guide available on this website.
  4. Create/Schedule/Approve Payments
    These tasks are completed within the department by the Site Coordinator/Approver.  See associated Reference Guide available on this website.
  5. Expenses Allocated
    These tasks are performed monthly by JV or Waynebuy Transaction.  All funds loaded onto a card, plus an additional $1.15/load/card will be charged to the department index.  In addition, if any new cards were requested, a JV will be billed to the department index for the cost of the cards.

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