About Us

The mission of the Disbursements Department is to issue accurate and timely payments on behalf of the University while providing vendors, employees, and the university community with the highest level of support and customer service through teamwork and continuous improvement.

Annually, the Disbursements Department issues over 130,000 payments approximating $ 480,000,000.

How you can help us fulfill our mission:

  • Adhere to the APPM
  • Complete the purchase requisitions and wait for the assignment of a purchase order (PO) as required by the APPM before making a purchase. Note: purchase orders can not be issued after the purchase has occured.
  • Complete receivers on a timely basis
  • Submit payment documents with complete descriptions and all required documentation.

For more information on properly filling out forms please click here

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Current Backlog on Payment Requests

SPA's and TAER's submitted with required documentation and forms correctly completed should be processed for payment in accordance with the current backlog for the respective processing team.  The days noted below indicate the current estimated number of business days backlog for processing based on departmental section.

SPA's :    3 Days
TAER's:   3 Days
PO's:       3 Days

SPAs and TAERs submitted requesting payment to payees not in the Banner Vendor Database require diligent review to avoid duplication and confirm identity prior to creation.  This will further delay processing 5 to 7 days.

During peak periods, Fiscal and Calendar year-end, these backlog's may increase due to increased demand.

Checks are normally issued on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Holidays, weather emergencies and special events may impact this schedule for check processing.

Return to this page weekly for updated estimates.