SPA/Non-PO Payment

The Special Payment Authorization form (SPA From 102A) is limited to transactions against balance sheet, revenue or liability accounts and consolidated utility bills (see 'DPRs' under WayneBuy).  An SPA is not used if a Purchase Requisition (PR) and a Purchase Order (PO) have been processed. .

WSU is exempt from federal excise tax and Michigan sales tax.  If the invoice includes such tax, credit should be shown by deduction.

Special Payment Authorization / SPA (PDF Fillable)

APPM 1.3.2 Payment Request

Instructions for Filling out an SPA

SPA Frequently Asked Questions   

INSTRUCTIONS for Completing an SPA

  • SPA should be filled out by the initiating department, including Banner vendor ID number.
  • Manually create the SPA Number number using your FUND dash CURRENT DATE.  For multiple submissions, end with dash NUMBER (i.e. 113130-4-20-2020-01, 02, 03, etc.)
  • In Account Distribution, Include the index / fund and non-expense account to be charged. For multiple accounts, type the account numbers and respective dollar amount in the description section.
  • Attach to the SPA the invoice or other supporting documentation.
  • SPA must be signed by the departmental authorized signers in the appropriate fields
  • Submit the SPA to Disbursements at
  • For Tips and Tricks on attaching PDF documents to your IRB, visit Procurement's Digital Signature PDF Documents page at