SPA/Non-PO Payment

The Special Payment Authorization form (SPA – From 102A) is limited to transactions against balance sheet, revenue or liability accounts and consolidated utility bills (see 'DPRs' under WayneBuy).  An SPA is not used if a Purchase Requisition (PR) and a Purchase Order (PO) have been processed. .

WSU is exempt from federal excise tax and Michigan sales tax.  If the invoice includes such tax, credit should be shown by deduction.

Special Payment Authorization / SPA (PDF Fillable)

APPM 1.3.2 Payment Request

Instructions for Filling out an SPA

SPA Frequently Asked Questions   

INSTRUCTIONS for Completing an SPA

  • SPA should be filled out by the initiating department, including Banner vendor ID number.
  • Manually create the SPA Number number using your FUND dash CURRENT DATE.  For multiple submissions, end with dash NUMBER (i.e. 113130-4-20-2020-01, 02, 03, etc.)
  • In Account Distribution, Include the index / fund and non-expense account to be charged. For multiple accounts, type the account numbers and respective dollar amount in the description section.
  • Attach to the SPA the invoice or other supporting documentation.
  • SPA must be signed by the departmental authorized signers in the appropriate fields
  • Submit the SPA to Disbursements at
  • For Tips and Tricks on attaching PDF documents to your IRB, visit Procurement's Digital Signature PDF Documents page at