Tax Forms and Other Documents

1099 Questions?

The Disbursments team has a dedicated email to receive, administer and resolve issues and questions pertaining to the issuance of IRS 1099-MISC and 10999-NEC forms.  Please email us at


Below are links to commonly referenced IRS documents and publications. If you have specific questions regarding their application please contact the Disbursements Department at (313) 577-3661.

Tax Forms

IRS Form W-7 (PDF)

IRS Form W-9 (PDF)



IRS Form W-8-CE (PDF)

IRS Form W-8-ECI (PDF)

IRS Form W-8-EXP (PDF)

IRS Form W-8-IMY (PDF)

IRS Form 8233 (PDF)

IRS Tax Treaty Listing

IRS 1042 Instructions (PDF)

Other Forms

ACH Payment Agreement Form (PDF)

Internal Requisition and Internal-Account Bill / IRB (Rev 9-23 - PDF Fillable)

New Vendor Request - Business and non-Employee Individuals (Self Registration)

Personal Services Contract (PDF)

Payment Presentation (.ppt)

Honoraria/Award Data Form (PDF)

Petty Cash Reimbursment Authorization (PDF)

Special Payment Authorization / SPA (PDF Fillable)

Lost Check Affidavit

Other links